ʻUkulele and Keiki Workshops

If anyone could be described as having “Hawaiian heart & soul,” it is Kamakakehau Fernandez.  Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, this 6 week old infant was adopted by Robyn Nae’ole and brought to the shores of Maui, Hawaii.  He is a graduate of the Hawaiian language immersion program Kula Kaiapuni and is a proud Hawaiian language speaker.  Kamakakehau became enamoured with the ‘ukulele and leo ki’eki’e (falsetto) singing.  In 2003, he won his 1st falsetto singing competition which later propelled him into winning Hawai’i’s Na Hoku Hanohano Awards in 2013.  Kamakakehau has since been featured in the Hawai’i LIVE Tour 2019 in the Pacific Northwest and also featured in the Hawaiian language remake of Disney’s “MOANA” as the character “Tamatoa” and continues to have a strong presence in Hawai’i, the continental states and Japan.