Niʻihau Shell Artist & Lauhala Weaver, Owner of Haʻaheo Hawaiian Crafts

Lōkahi Orian is a native Hawaiian cultural practitioner from Waiʻanae, Hawaiʻi. A graduate of Kamehameha School, Lōkahi has taken apprenticeships from multiple Masters of different Hawaiian cultural practices. Lōkahi started his journey first by learning Lauhala Weaving from Kay Yasuda, a student of the late master Lauhala weaver, Gladys Grace. Using traditional weaving techniques, he creates modern fashion pieces of art, merging tradition and modern together. Lōkahi has also learned the art of Hana Pūpū (shell making) from the late Master Niʻihau Shell maker Kele Kanahele of Niʻihau. Lōkahi created his business, Haʻaheo Hawaiian Crafts, to showcase the beautiful shells of the island of Niʻihau while helping the native families exhibit their art pieces also showing the tedious work that goes into making each beautiful pieces through Hana Pūpū workshops. Lōkahi hopes to inspire his generation to be the next torch bearers of Hawaiian traditions to continue the legacy of Hawaiian cultural practices.