Coconut Hat Weaving

Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Lowen Tynanes is a self-taught coconut weaver. His recent journey as a coconut weaver began after being gifted his very own pāpale niu (coconut hat). Very appreciative of the gift, he found himself admiring the hard work, aloha and culture that was woven into every detail. Admiration quickly turned into determination. Lowen began weaving coconut hats daily and through trial and error, he continues to refine his art – with the pāpale niu being his signature creation.

Lowen’s first career as a Martial Artist has taken him around the world. While battling an injury that put his competing on hold, his new-found passion for ulana lau niu (coconut leaf weaving) has kept him grounded and connected to his culture. He often enjoys beautiful days on Hawai’i beaches popping up a tent, putting on some music and weaving the day away. Starting off weaving as a hobby, Lowen quickly discovered many people interested in his creations. In 2017, Coco Shade was established. Blending modern-day fashion with traditional art, Coco Shade offers customers the option to add a unique Coco Shade branded patch and/or an adjustable rope to their pāpale niu. Being raised in Aloha, he finds happiness in being able to share that aloha with others through his coconut weavings.

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