Would you or your group like to be apart of 4 Days of Alohaʻs cultural performances? Aside from our main Hōʻike performances on Saturday, there are several performance opportunities for cultural music and dance groups to share their aloha with the community. Hawaiʻi is often called the melting pot of the Pacific because of the diverse cultures of its residents. This is why in addition to Hawaiian music and dance, we love to feature a variety of international performances to offer a true sense of the multicultural community of Hawaiʻi. Mahalo to all cultural organizations out there who continue to preserve and perpetuate culture through music and dance!

THURSDAY July 23rd

Thursday Night Pāʻina

  • Hawaiian Music: Hawaiian music is played throughout the night – kanikapila style! Get together with your band, your friends or join in with others who just want to jam. Kanikapila is a laid back, backyard style of jamming that we want to bring to our pāʻina (party) so no pressure. Come and jam!
  • Hula Dancers: The dance floor (or any space you can find) is open all night long for hula dancers to get up and share some impromptu hula. Nothing rehearsed – when you hear a song you know, get up and hula! (No application needed, unless a special performance)


FRIDAY July 23th

Aloha Friday

    • Pre-Show Music: A Hawaiian music band and/or soloist that will open up our festivities. 45 minutes.
    • Past Hapa Haole Competition Winners: Seeking past winners to perform in honor of our missed competition this year.
    • Other Hula Performers: Other hālau or groups to share hula performances


SATURDAY July 25th

Hōʻike & Hawaiian Festival

  • Closing Band: A high energy island-reggae band will close out Saturdayʻs festivities. Attendees usually spend the last hour of the day dancing the the island music! 60 minutes


SUNDAY July 26th

Multicultural Day

  • Hawaiian Music: A Hawaiian Music Performer (Soloist or Band) will be featured. 45-60 minutes.
  • Polynesian Dance: A hālau/Polynesian dance group from out of town will be featured. It is preferred that groups will  will perform at least 2-3 types of Polynesian Dance (ex: Hula, Tahitian, Maori). Non-hula Polynesian groups, see below. 60 minutes.
  • Multicultural/International Performances: Cultural music and dance groups will fill time slots beginning at 10:30 – 4:30pm. Open to all multicultural performing art groups including Polynesian dance groups that do not dance hula. Time slots for performers will be from 30 – 60 minutes.
*Please see above for details on performance opportunities.
Please provide the link to a video of a full performance by you or your group. Video must be good quality and taken within one year.