Kekai Daunhauer

Kapa, Natural Dyes

Native Hawaiian Artist, Kekai Daunhauer was born and raised on the island of Molokai and currently resides on Maui. Her family is filled with lei makers, hula dancers, woodcarvers, and kapa makers. Growing up on her ancestral lands, Kekai often assisted in soaking lauhala in her family river, playing in the wood chips of her father’s carvings, smoothing bamboo flutes with beach sand, and curiously poking at her mother’s kapa creations and dyes. Kekai’s parents raised their daughters in the world of art and encouraged them to share their culture’s mo’olelo (legends) in the medium that individually fits their personalities. Kapa making was the perfect fit for Kekai and once she learned the fundamentals, she began to mix the traditional and modern materials to create unique art pieces. Kekai is inspired by the idea that her Hawaiian ancestors were artists that fearlessly pushed for more colors, patterns, and creativity. As a product of that culture, Kekai wishes to do the same.