Beginning Ori Tahiti, Advanced Ori Tahiti, Aparima, Meihura

Tunui Tully has been teaching and working in the entertainment field in Hawaii and abroad for over 40 years. He began his career as a dancer, becoming a choreographer and director for many shows in Waikiki including Don Ho at the Hilton Dome, The Magic of Polynesia, Aloha Las Vegas and Return to Paradise. Tunui frequently tours Japan with some of his most talented dancers and many well known Kumu Hula from Hawaii. Tunui is a direct descendant of the Tehiva and Maritarangi families, some of the most famous entertainers, musicians, dancers, singers and composers to emerge from the islands of Tahiti and Tuamotu. At an early age he was recognized by his Tupuna as “the chosen one” to continue the family legacy. Tunui’s career has taken him around the globe. Currently he runs his dance school in Honolulu as well as studios in Tokyo and Yokohama. Tunui is also the source for numerous Tahitian/Hula/Polynesian groups throughout Japan.

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