Volunteer Shift Positions


  • Our event is extremely short staffed and your help is truly appreciated! Please kindly read through all pertinent information provided here so you are equipped to be an awesome helper and alleviate our volunteer shift supervisors of any unnecessary questions. Mahalo for understanding.
  • Volunteers will enter through the service entry gate located on 8th St. behind the main stage. Please provide your name given on the volunteer signup.
  • Please check in 15 minutes prior to your shift to allow time for briefing. For events at Esther Short Park, check-in at the Ke Kukui Foundation booth located to the left of the stage. For events at Groove Nation, please look around the building for someone in charge.
  • Being 4 Days of Aloha, please bring the aloha spirit, aloha our guests and mahalo (thank) them for supporting our event!
  • If a situation arises that you are uncomfortable with, direct guest to the supervisor or call a security.
  • If you experience or witness a situation that is unsafe or may escalate, find a supervisor with a walkie talkie to call a security.


  • Pāʻina is located at Groove Nation Performing Arts Center.


  • Many guests may be surprised/upset at the admission fee. Please do not engage in arguments but information that may be helpful to know is :
    • This event is a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization.
    • Admission helps continue this festival for next year.
    • Fencing was added for safety measures.
    • Kids are free.

Greeters may be assigned to one of the 3 greeting positions:
Greeter #1: Direct guests to pre-purchased line if they have a ticket in hand or to the box office if they need to purchase a ticket. Encourage guests to scan QR code to purchase tickets straight from their phone so they can go to the pre-purchased line.

Greeter #2: Direct guest to the pre-purchased line if they have a ticket in hand. Tell them to keep their tickets ready and open to be scanned. Encourage guests without ticket to scan QR code to purchase tickets straight from their phone so they can go to the pre-purchased line.

Greeter #3: Direct guests wanting to buy tickets to the box office or direct them to scan the QR code to purchase tickets on their phone and go to the pre-purchased line.

Ticket Scanner: Will be using an iPod to scan pre-purchased tickets as people enter the festival. Please be alert in checking each ticket matches the appropriate attendee (i.e.: no teens/adults using keiki tickets).  Ensure the ticket scanner accepts ticket before allowing guests in. If ticket shows up not valid, send ticket holder to box office for assistance.

Box Office 1, 2, 3: Handle transactions for guests purchasing tickets on-site. Volunteers will be using a card reader. Cash purchases will be handled by a supervisor. Only same-day tickets will be available at box office. Any weekend or concert VIP passes must be purchased online (direct them to QR code). When guest is purchasing a childʻs ticket, you should always ask what age the child is. Only children 10 & under are free.   Direct anyone with invalid ticket issues direct to the admissions supervisor (Deanna, Rachel, or Maria). Once ticket is purchased direct them to the security bag check.

Admission: Will check-in vendors, volunteers, performers, and sponsors through a master list. Once the person is checked in their name is to be clearly crossed off. If someone is not on the list please direct them to the box office. Tickets may be scanned at service entry for ticket holders arriving with a vendor, volunteer, performer or sponsor.


  • Select people will be given a special card that allows free drinks. Other than those select guests, please no giving away free drinks. This is a fundraiser for our non-profit organization and we are purchasing the alcohol so any free drinks given is money lost to our non-profit.

ID Checker: *Volunteers must be 21+* You will be standing at the Beer Garden entrance checking the ID of our guests as they enter.

Bartender/Cashier: *Volunteers must be 21+* Assist in the beer garden with either doing the register or pouring beer. No liquor license or experience needed.


  • $10 for a ticket to a timeframe of 1 hour of play in the Keiki Zone. Each child 6mo – 12 yrs old that enters the zone must purchase a ticket.
  • Tickets are valid for only a specific timeframe. If someone purchases a ticket for 10-11am but shows up at 10:30am, they still must leave the zone at 11am.
  • Each child is allowed (1) free parent/guardian. Any additional adults are $5.  Additional kids ages 13-17 with their parents are allowed free and can help watch their siblings – but may not play in the area.
  •  After each time slot, there will be a 15 minute break to sanitize and refresh the area for the next group.

Admission #1: Assist parents/guardians with purchasing the correct ticket for their children and ensure a waiver has been signed for each child. Keiki Zone will be a cashless area. A QR code will be available for them to scan to direct them to the ticketing site. A credit card reader will also be available. Assist with sanitizing area at the end of each time slot.

Admission #2: Check-in parents and children who have purchased a ticket. Ensure each child is not left alone without a parent/guardian. Assist with sanitizing area at the end of each slot.

Attendant 1,2,3,4: Monitor kid play areas and ensure equipment stays in order and in the appropriate areas. Give 10 minute warning before time slots are finished. Clear keiki zone at the end of each slot. Assist with sanitizing area at the end of each slot.